Monday, January 27, 2014

Maebe Zillion.

So after we put Maebe on the home screen of our game, the idea came up that we should put here in a different outfit every day and special ones for holidays and events.  Between Gibbs and I, we came up with all these wonderful costumes for the game.  One of the cool things that separated our game from other trivia games was covering live events.  For example we had people writing questions for the Emmys while the Emmys were happening.  And then we had Maebe all dressed up in a golden gown on the home screen.  We wanted everything in the game to be about what's happening on now.  Thus we had a whole calender of Maebe outfits to make.  Though these were fun to make, ideally; for my sake, we could outsource a lot of this work if the game became a huge success.

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