Thursday, December 19, 2013

Attack on Salt Lake mural

EA Salt Lake wanted to put some cool murals on the wall to spruce the place up.  This was originally supposed to be one mural, but later had to separate it into two images.  I have photos of the final product, but the lighting is low at work, and I took the pictures on my iphone.  But I'll attach the original art, so you can see how cool they look.  It was fun to make something that had a Salt lake feel and give it a video game flare.

This is the final art a proposed for the two pieces, after cutting up the original mural design.

These are the final murals in or low lit office space.  I think they are about 5 x 8 feet.

This is the mural that was originally planned.  And then the pillar would have been painted to be another skyscraper.  Would have been epic.

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