Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentines 2011

This is the cheezy valentine I made for my wife this year. She was in Minnesota at the time because her Grandma died, and was complaining about the bitter cold. The Lake effect makes Minnesota colder than most of Canada and Alaska. Not sure why people live there. Shoveling tunnels to your car in the winter, and breathing mosquitoes mixed with some air in the summer. From my observation of the place, they have a strange fascination to fish, and have to live as close as possible to them. That and ice hockey, without which we couldn't keep the mullet alive.

So...I made her this nice tropical Valentine to cheer her up. It was a success:)

and here's a link if you want to see it bigger


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  2. Dude, thanks for having me and Adam over, I got some great ideas now

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