Monday, November 09, 2009

Novell Golf Courses

Here are a few of the finished golf courses I did for Candesa. I finished these some time ago but never got around to posting them. I kept thinking I would figure out how to add SWF files to a blog, and show them with all their animation too. But I've been so busy with other work I haven't gotten around to it. Hopefully, when I get some time, I'll finally get my website set up, and I'll add a lot more of my animated work. There's not a lot of animation on these, but if you want...imagine things like moving water, cool lightning bolts hitting the green, things like that. All the backgrounds were created in Flash, which does limit what you can do artistically, but I love it.


  1. Some of these look pretty tricky.
    Looking good, Ron!

  2. Ron, you are a machine! I can't believe how awesome your Flash work is! Absolutely fantastic!