Sunday, September 21, 2008

Egyption Dalmation Creation

This guy is a concept work for a video game being produced by a group of students at UVSU I believe. Jasone Kyser asked me if I wanted to do some stuff for them, and it sounded like fun. They are creating a game with all different kinds of creatures. They wanted to have some Egypt ion anamorphic characters but not the traditional ones. Instead of doing a jackal, I was told to pick some other kind of dog.
This bottom one is just to show you how angry my laptop makes me. The bottom one is how it looked when I transferred the image from my laptop to a desktop. I had to do color corrections to get it to look right again. Laptops are a little darker than a desktop, but whats up with the the drastic color differences too. I used to think it was just my laptop, but I went to Best Buy a couple weeks ago and they let me load some of my images on to different laptops---They're all like this; that is, if they are a PC. Those who own a Mac laptop, you made the right choice. The makers of the Mac made their colors match up with the average desktop. So those people who say PC's are better than Macs may be right when they are talking about desktops, but a Laptops, no way. The Most expensive, nicest PC laptop had messed up colors. So if your an artist, and color is important to you, don't make the mistake I did And if you can afford it. Unfortunately Macs are more expensive. I am going to try and get a color correction done on my laptop, and hopefully that will help.

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