Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fanstastic Four and Rise of the Siver Shield

This is a project I just finished. Small parts of it are animated in After Effects and all the sound is on a soundtrack that plays along with it. The company wanted this done for a presentation at a buisness meeting as an introduction to their product. It really kept me up night and day as I had other stuff I was working on at the same time, and I only had close to two weeks to complete it. But I couldn't pass it up--I got to draw comics. How cool is that.


  1. Possibly the greatest superhero crew since x-factor.

  2. HAH! My favourite is the one with the girl who gets big. that line should have it's own frame and be hung up on a wall it's SO funny!!! well done Ron!!! =D

  3. These are all really awesome!