Sunday, November 11, 2007

Comic Book

These are some pages from the comic book I am working on. I decided to keep it all in black and white, and go with a loose pen and marker look because of the short amount of time that I have to work on it. But I'm not to disappointed about this, the black and white will add to the drama of the story. I'm trying to keep my lines looking a bit sketchy and messy too; I think it adds a more realistic emotional quality to the story. Also to add to the realism, I have been trying to stay away from typical facial expressions by using reference material, and looking into a mirror. I still want the characters to look cartoony, but I don't want the exaggerated expressions of a typical cartoon character.


  1. Beautiful- stunning- waaay cool! Good work Ron. I look forward to the published version :)

  2. These are coming along really nicely, Ron!

  3. Great stuff. Glad you are keeping this going.

  4. Zoot!
    I just get a huge kick outta that. Don't know why.