Sunday, October 21, 2007

Demon Goddess

I think this image really caught the mood that I was going for. I had originally drawn the face on the monster, but then decided not to show it when I started painting. None of us really know whats going on downstairs, and we all have our own interpretations in our heads; so I decided to leave out a lot of information on the beast, and make a very abstract background to allow people to add in their own details, which I'm sure are way cooler than anything I could ever draw.

And it matches my site—didn't expect that.


  1. Wow! Sweet stuff Ron. I really like it. Good choice not to show the monster's face. It helps the focus go where it should I think.

  2. It not only matches your website, Ron, it matches your SOUL.

  3. dude, this peice is stellar! I love it. Your graphic sense is prob the strongest in our program